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About Wedding Petticoats
When your wedding gown is feeling limp or lifeless, we’ve got an easy fix: a wedding dress petticoat. A well-fitted petticoat can give your dress shape, bring it back to life, and create a dramatic full silhouette. Turn your wedding dress into an incredible gown fit for a princess. Our wedding dress petticoats can also be used to add splashes of color and contrast to create a fun, daring, and fashionable look.

ED Bridal petticoats come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes so that you can fully customize your look and feel your very best. For medium to full wedding gowns, we recommend hoop petticoats because they weigh less than crinolines and the solid hoops will hold their shape through even the longest wedding ceremonies. Petticoat dresses without hoops will settle in throughout the day and night, changing the silhouette of the dress. This type of petticoat dress offers more flexibility so you can sit, stand, and bend more easily, and look more natural in motion. Whichever you choose, wedding dress petticoats can add elegance or comfort to your wedding dress. Ours are available in a range of designs in adult and junior sizes to help you find the perfect match. And don’t forget to search for our wedding jackets next! These can be used to keep you warm or add a unique, customizable touch to your wedding day.